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Tax and value-added tax (VAT)

Tax and value-added tax (VAT)


The tax department of Storløkken consists of four very skilled lawyers with very high expertise within Norwegian and international tax. It assists both Norwegian and foreign companies, public authorities and private persons regarding tax, indirect tax, administrative tax law, accounting law, tax collection, company law and generational changes.

Our counselling comprises assistance with:

  • Appeals over tax assessments, book audits or inquiries from tax authorities or police regarding tax
  • Preparation of tax returns for persons, the self-employed, companies, foundations, associations
  • Tax compliance and tax administration for Norwegian and foreign companies
  • Mergers and aquisitions, and all kind of restructuring of business
  • Foreign workers in Norway and Norwegian workers abroad, labour for hire, remuneration and incentives for employees and tax for foreign artists and athletes
  • Trials regarding tax or criminal proceedings regarding tax evasion before the courts
  • Tax on intangible assets, such as IT contracts, or sale of software abroad
  • Tax on real estate and construction projects, etc
  • Appeals over tax collection or calculation of taxes, interest etc., and negotiations and proceedings regarding tax collection etc
  • Due diligence regarding acquisitions and special investigations or examinations before audits and similar

Value-added tax (VAT)

The value-added tax (VAT) system entails indirect taxation of private consumption. VAT on sales of goods and services is calculated and entered as a deduction at each step in the value-added chain to the end-user. Most businesses are required to calculate value-added tax on the whole or parts of their sales, and consequently have the right to make deductions for incoming VAT.

We assist by ensuring that VAT calculation and entry of deductions is correct. VAT law is constantly evolving, in both the right and the wrong direction. Storløkken possesses 29 years of experience of Norwegian and international VAT issues. Our clients range from central and local government, through corporates, both large and small, to non-profit organisations.

We assist in clarifying matters in connection with:

  • VAT issues/resolution of VAT issues
  • Entry into agreements, delivery and accounting
  • Tax audits
  • Appeal cases and disputes