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Franchising, agency- and distribution law

Franchising, agency- and distribution law


Storløkken is for many best known for its work with franchise. Our lawyers have extensive international experience and a vast international network. We believe this is crucial for enabling us to provide our clients with the best advise possible.

Endre Storløkken is the sole Norwegian representative in Euro Franchise Lawyers (EFL). A knowledge purely of law is not sufficient for providing all-round assistance in franchising, in essence in cross border matters. As a member of FranchiseArkitekt (, he has acquired top expertise in areas of key interest to operators in this field, including finance, recruitment and, not least, the development of franchise models.

Our lawyers assist franchisors and franchisees in:

  • Establish franchises, dual franchises and dual branding
  • Drafting and negotiating franchise contracts
  • Processes for conversation between different forms of distribution
  • Locking in and securing the value chain
  • Dispute resolution
  • Assistance to foreign operators establishing themselves in Norway

EuroFranchise Lawyers (EFL)

Agent- og distribusjonsrett

Storløkken has substantial experience with agency and distribution agreements and other intermediary relationships, acting both for principals and suppliers and for agents and distributors.  Our lawyers have long international experience and a large global network. In view of the fact that agency and distribution contracts are cross-border agreements in the majority of situations, and in many cases regulated by foreign law, it is essential to be able to provide our clients with the help they need.

For our clients, it is vital not only to secure the most favourable contract possible, but also to understand the consequences of accepting the whole or parts of the contract that is presented to them. What, for example, is the significance of a clause in the distribution agreement concerning minimum turnover, and what are the consequences of not meeting the requirement? Will it be to the client’s advantage to operate as agent or as distributor in specific situations?

We assist with:

  • Entry into agency and distribution agreements, both as advisor and in the actual negotiations
  • Termination of agency and distribution agreements
  • Disputes arising from agency and distribution agreements
  • Arguing cases before the courts if the parties do not reach agreement