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Ole Per Solum


Ole Per Solum


Contact information

Tel: (+47) 22 54 20 90 / Mob: (+47) 900 88 391

Area of expertise


Ole Per Solum is a partner in Storløkken. He has extensive experience of property transactions and disputes, and also of assisting in labour law disputes. Solum is additionally a special administrator for the Oslo Court of Probate, Bankruptcy and Enforcement in connection with enforced sale of real estate.


  • Law degree (Cand. jur)., University of Oslo (1984)

Work experience:

  • Lawyer with Advokatfirma Ræder DA from 1990. Partner from 1994–2014
  • Assistant lawyer/lawyer with Advokatene Borge og Borge ANS, 1986–1990
  • Marine P&I Club SKULD, 1984–1986

Membership/elected offices:

  • The Norwegian Bar Association
  • Business manager for housing and commercial properties
  • Solum sits on a number of boards
  • Chairman of the Car Hire Complaints Board 2002–2014